Privacy policy

Privacy policy

General provisions

IP Gurevich A.A. (further – "Performer", "we", "us" or "ours") considers a duty to protect confidentiality of personal information of clients (further – "Personal data", "Personal information", "Personal data") which can be identified somehow and which visit the website (further - "Website") and use its services (further - "Services"). Amendments to the real Privacy policy will be posted on the Website and/or in Services and will be valid right after the publication. Your further use of Services after introduction of any amendments to Privacy policy means your acceptance of these changes.

Receiving and processing of personal information

The real Privacy policy governs the relations between IP Gurevich A.A. and natural or legal entity (further – "you", "yours") in the field of granting and processing of Personal information.

IP Gurevich A.A. makes processing of your personal data on the conditions which are a subject of the real Privacy policy.

Privacy policy comes into force from the moment of confirmation of acceptance of "Cooperation conditions"by you, in particular at a mark of the "I Agree with Conditions of Provision of Services" point during registration on the Website.

IP Gurevich A.A. reserves the right to change the real Privacy policy at any time without any specialnotice. If you continue to use services of IP Gurevich A.A. after the publication of changes in Privacy policy, it is considered that you thereby accepts changes of conditions of Privacy policy. 

Being registered on service and noting the "I Agree with Conditions of Provision of Services" point, you confirm adoption of the decision on providing the personal data by you and agree to their processing by the will and in the interest, except for the cases provided by Part 2 of Article 9 of the Federal law of 27.07.2006 E 152-FZ "About personal data".

You bear responsibility for providing personal information of the other person.

The personal information entered by you when using service are used for:

  • commission of a commercial transaction and/or rendering service;
  • providing to you access to the Website, Services and for improvement of quality of the Website and Services;

  • providing information to you that you could use the Website and Services more effectively;
  • creations, management and control of your Account and for check of access rights to services and the software;

  • communication with you for the purpose of informing on changes or additions to Services, or on existenceof any services which we provide;

  • estimates of level of service, monitoring of traffic and indicator of popularity of various options of service;

  • implementation of our marketing actions;
  • observance of the real Privacy policy;
  • filing a claim and the answer to the filed claims;
  • protection of the rights and legitimate interests you, us, our users and the third parties, according tothe current legislation of the Russian Federation.

IP Gurevich A.A. undertakes not to transfer your personal information to the third parties.

IP Gurevich A.A. reserves the right to transfer personal data in the cases provided by the law to the relevant services if it becomes for protection of health, life or freedom of other person.

IP Gurevich A.A. has the right to use personal user information for the electronic newsletter and special offers, registrations and holding a commercial transaction and rendering services.

Acceptance of Privacy policy is carried out by putting down of the corresponding mark "I Agree with Conditions of Provision of Services" by you at registration on the Website and is your consent to processing of personal information.

You agree that IP Gurevich A.A. has the right for storage and the processing including automated, any information relating to your personal data according to the Federal law of 27.07.2006 E 152-FZ 

"About personal data" including collecting, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification, use, distribution (including transfer), depersonalization, blocking, destruction of the personal information provided by you.

Processing of your personal information is made by the mixed processing of personal information without transfer and with transfer on internal network IP Gurevich A.A., with transfer and without transfer on the Internet.

IP Gurevich A.A. undertakes to ensure confidentiality and safety when processing your personal information.

In case of a response you consent to processing of personal information, IP Gurevich A.A. deletes your personal information and does not use them further.

In the cases provided by the Federal law of 27.07.2006 E 152-FZ "About personal data" processing of personal data is carried out only with the consent of in writing subject of personal information. The written consent of the subject of personal information to processing of the personal information has to include:

  • surname, name, middle name, the address of the subject of personal information, number of the main document proving his identity, data on date of issue of the specified document and the body which gave it;

  • the name (surname, name, middle name) and the address of the operator receiving the consent of the subject of personal information;

  • purpose of processing of personal information;
  • the list of personal data to which processing are agreed the subject of personal information;
  • the list of actions with personal information to which commission it is agreed, the general description of the ways of processing of personal information used by the operator;

  • the term during which consent and also an order of its response works.

For processing of the personal information which are contained in the consent in writing of the subject on processing of his personal information, additional consent is not required.

In case of incapacity of the subject of personal information the lawful representative of the subject of personal information agrees to processing of his personal information in writing.

In case of the death of the subject of personal information successors of the subject of personal information agree to processing of his personal information in writing if such consent was not given by the subject of personal information at his life.

Consent to collect and use of information

When you join us as the user of our Services, we ask to provide personal information which will be used for activation of your Account, providing to you Services, interaction with you concerning a condition of your Account, and for other purposes stated in the real Privacy policy. Your name, the name of the company, the address, the phone number, the e-mail address, data of the credit card and some other information about you can be required by us for initial providing access to Services, or have to be specified in the course of use of Services. Also it will be offered to you to create the personal password which will become a part of your Account.

Providing personal information to us, you voluntarily agree to collecting, use and disclosure of such personal information. Without limiting the aforesaid, we can specify your consent in the course of collecting, uses or disclosures of your personal information in specific circumstances from time to time. Your consent will be sometimes meant through your interaction with us if the purpose of collecting, uses or disclosures of information is obvious, and you voluntarily provide this information.

We can sometimes notify you concerning our products, services, news and events. You have an opportunity not to obtain this information. We give an opportunity to refuse all post messages of this sort, or to suspend notifications with the purposes described above if you contact us and confirm desire not to give you this information. The only type of data of messages which you cannot refuse is the obligatory announcements concerning Services including information relating to your Account, the planned suspensions and shutdowns of Services. We will try to minimize similar notifications for you.

Age of majority

We consciously do not provide Services, and consciously we will not collect personal information from persons more young than full age .

Ways and terms of personal data

Processing of personal user information is carried out without restriction of term, any lawful way, including in information systems of personal data with use of the automation equipment or without use of such means.

The user agrees that the Administration of the website has the right to transfer personal data to the third parties, in particular, to courier services, the organizations of a mail service, to operators of telecommunication, is exclusive for implementation of the order of the User,

Personal user information can be transferred to authorized bodies of the government of the Russian Federation only on the bases and as it should be, the established legislation of the Russian Federation.During the losing or disclosure of personal data the Administration of the website informs the User on loss or disclosure of personal information.

The administration of the website takes necessary organizational and technical measures for protection of personal information of the User against illegal or accidental access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution and also against other illegal actions of the third parties.

The administration of the website together with the User takes all necessary measures for prevention of the losses or other negative consequences caused by loss or disclosure of personal user information.

Rights for your information

You have a right for access and editing your information via the web interface provided within Services at any time.

Disclosure of information

We will disclose your information to the third parties only according to your instructions or in case ofneed to provide you a certain service, or for other reasons according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation. We do not carry out, we do not sell, we do not extend or we disclose your personal information without preliminary your receiving on that permissions except for the cases provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.


The website may contain references to other websites, and we do not bear responsibility for privacy policy or the maintenance of these websites. We recommend to you to examine privacy policy of the connected websites. Their privacy policy and activity differ from ours Privacy policy and activity.


We will seek to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information, however, any data transmissionon the Internet, the mobile device or via the wireless device cannot guarantee 100% safety. We will continue to strengthen a security system in process of availability of new technologies and methods.

We strongly recommend you to anybody to disclose the password. If you forgot the password, we will ask you about confirmation of your personality and we will send you the letter containing the reference which will allow you to reset the password and to establish new.Please, remember that you control those data which you tell us when using Services. Eventually, you bear responsibility for preservation in secret of your personality, passwords and/or any other personal information which is at your disposal in process of use of Services. Be always careful and responsible concerning your personal information. We do not bear responsibility for use and we cannot control use by other persons of any information which you provide them, and you have to be careful in the choice of personal information which you transmit to the third parties through Services. In the same way we do not bear responsibility for the content of personal information or other information which you obtain from other users through Services, and you use of Service and the Website exempt us from any liability in connection with contents of any personal information or other information which you can receive, using Services. We cannot guarantee and we do not bear any responsibility for check, accuracy of the personal information or other information provided by the third parties. Use of Service and the you exempt us from any liability in connection with use of similar personal information or other information on others.

Communication with us

If you have questions or offers concerning Privacy policy, please, write to us on: