Gift certificate for all the museums VDNH


The best gift is to get emotions!

The international corporation of entertainments Big Creative Company offers the service - the gift certificate.

There are the most extraordinary museums and attractions and the real hurricane of emotions for you!

Forward, on an adventure!

You can buy the gift certificate on the website and receive it on mail in electronic form or exchange it to any cashbox of our museums in the chosen city for the plastic card in a festive card.

Rules of using gift certificate Big Creative Company:

  • The gift certificate can be used only in that city in which it is bought.
  • According to one gift certificate it is possible to visit each museum once.
  • The certificate is not nominal, it is valid to bearer.
  • Can't be restored.
  • After use the certificate is withdrawn by the seller.
  • Period of validity of the gift certificate is 1 year.
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