Excursion «Inside the human body»


We invite you to an interactive journey through the mysterious human body! During the adventure you will learn:

  • what flavors distinguish people;
  • how many smells can the nose remember;
  • what happens to the tears of an astronaut in gravity;
  • what exactly hurts during a headache;
  • what organ doesn't sink in water;
  • why aren't we ticklish when we tickle ourselves (I bet you've already tried it?);
  • what is gastric juice for ;
  • than fighting antibiotics;
  • why it is so important to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Await you:

  • exciting quests;
  • educational quiz;
  • unusual chemical show;
  • sound and visual effects - you will hear how the human body sounds from the inside!

The tour is led by a professional artist, who turned into a charming and witty Professor of medicine!

Unravel the most incredible mysteries of the human body!

The cost of the tour "Inside the Person" - 750 rubles per person.

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